Monday, August 4, 2008

Park Ave. Festival

This weekend we enjoyed Rochester's famous Park Ave. Summer Art Festival. We had so much fun, it is sure to be an annual family tradition. In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much that after spending several hours there on Saturday, we went back again on Sunday! Here are a few photos.

My pretty new tie-dye dress. We bought it at the festival on Saturday, and I was excited to show it off on our return visit on Sunday.

Mike, the nice man we bought my dress from!

A cute little doggie named Roscoe - I shared my Cheerios with him!

The Clarinet Player - he "talked" to us through his clarinet!

The Rescue Greyhounds

The Bubble Guy


Jerri said...

I love your new dress, Annabelle! It is so darn cute and looks really neat with your shoes, too. You're so stylish and beautiful!

Love you!

Marie said...

Your dress takes me back, Annabelle - so 60's and 70's! I LOVE it. And how cool to have your picture taken with the man who sold it to you and with the clarinet player and so many others! I'm sure they all think you're about the cutest toddler ever! Love you lots - GramMarie