Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mother's Day Part 2 - Breakfast!

Having fun with Mommy while we waited for our breakfast to arrive...

Yummy pancakes!

I found the cute little jelly containers to be a fun treat!

Mommy and I had fun trying out Cracker Barrel's famous rocking chairs while Daddy paid for our breakfast.

Mommy's favorite chair was this Syracuse Orange one. I wasn't too sure I wanted to sit on it at first, but Mommy really wanted me to so I humored her. Syracuse Orange is special to our family because Grammy Kati used to work at SU, plus Mommy and Uncle Ross and Aunt Jerri all went to school there, AND Grandpa Larry really loves their basketball team. So, here's a couple pics for all you Orange fans!

My Mousie Raincoat

Thanks to this adorable birthday gift from Gram Marie and Grandpa Larry, I've been keeping dry on rainy days!

"Pop-Pops" in a Box

My pal Bridget and I have a fun little tradition of enjoying freeze pops (aka "push pops" if you're Bridget, and "pop-pops" if you're me) whilst chillin' out in a gigantic box in the driveway. This is how Mommy finds us on many an afternoon when she arrives to pick me up!

Other favorite pal Maggie joins the fun!

Mother's Day Surprise!

On the Friday before Mother's Day I cooked up a little surprise for Mommy at Miss Chris' house. When Mommy got there to pick me up, she found beautiful homemade cards and a yummy pound cake I had decorated for her!

Thanks Miss Chris for always being so thoughtful and helping me make Mommy feel special!

Mother's Day Part 1 - The Rocking Horse

Mommy can't let the month of May end without posting about our Mother's Day celebrations. We'll just have to do a bunch of postings until we get you caught up on all of the fun we had that day. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel, my first time there. We had a little time to wait before our table would be ready, so we got to explore their adjoining "Country Store." The highlight was my first ever rocking horse ride. Faithful fans know of my love for horses, and this little guy was especially fun for me!

Rainy Day Random Acts of Kindness

Early Thursday morning Mommy and I dropped off a few surprises for some special people at her school. First stop was to give a balloon and card to a nice secretary in the school office who is leaving to start a new job. Then we stopped by Mommy's classroom to deliver flowers for her kiddos (Mommy was still out of work last week recovering from her surgery, but don't worry, she gets to go back to school tomorrow). We left enough flowers for each one of Mommy's first graders to "pick" one to take home. Our last stop was at Mommy's friend Kathy's classroom to surprise her with some pretty sunflowers and a birthday balloon. The sight of me in my mousie raincoat riding down the school hallway in my wagon to make deliveries brought a smile to everyone's face. I even made the people who weren't getting any surprises feel happy! Mommy wishes we could be very rich so her full-time job could be taking me places to deliver balloons and flowers and smiles every day.

Poor Little Boo-Boo Baby!

Look at my sad little banged up/cut up face...I fell on Wednesday at Miss Chris' house (while wearing my glasses of course) and this is the result!

Don't worry though - only a few days later I am already looking much better!

Monday, May 25, 2009

My New Scissors

You wouldn't think it would be this much fun to have your mommy surprise you with not one, not two, but three pairs of somewhat safe, toddler-friendly, multi-colored and all three pairs for just 65 cents scissors...but it totally was. Six photos in one minute worth of fun!

At the Lilac Festival; Among the Lilacs

The Most Colorful Visitor at the Lilac Festival

Did anyone else see this dog? Hilarious!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Playground of the Day

I have been enjoying lots of fun playgrounds lately. This morning I enjoyed almost 2 hours of playtime at this playground in Ontario Beach Park while waiting for the wonderful carousel to open for business!