Monday, September 28, 2009

Fly Away Mama

Last Thursday Daddy and I dropped Mommy off at the airport for her trip to New York City. She had to go to a training all day on Friday, and then she came home late Friday night, after I went to bed. Daddy and I had a lot of fun while Mommy was gone. After we dropped her off at the airport, I was a little bit sad. I told Daddy it would cheer me up if I could get a kid's meal at the restaurant with the girlie with the ponytails sticking out (aka Wendy's). I had only been there once before, during the drive to Gramma Katie's house in August, but I remembered the girlie from the sign and I wanted to go there again. When we got to Wendy's I liked looking at the sign and I noticed that besides her sticky-out ponytails, she also has freckles on her face! Daddy and I spent almost an hour in Wendy's while I enjoyed every bit of my nuggets and fries.

At bedtime I got to enjoy some very special new library books Mommy had gotten for me that day. My favorite one, which I have asked for every night since, is What's Wrong, Little Pookie? by Sandra Boynton. She is one of my very favorite authors! I love all of her books. the Big Apple...Mommy was busy taking a taxi cab from LaGuardia airport to her hotel. The hotel was WAY far downtown from the part of Manhattan where Mommy used to live, and when she got there she realized she was very close to the World Trade Center. She decided to take a walk to Ground Zero, and she was lucky enough to get there in time to visit the preview site for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

I was very excited to hear about Mommy's trip, especially the airplanes and taxicabs. Mommy even brought home a special little taxicab for me to play with. I LUB IT!

See how the doors open up? I only wish I had some tiny people to fit inside of it!

C is for Cookie

C is for Cookie!

This week at Miss Chris' house I am learning about shapes and the letter C! And to kick off the week, we had another special cooking project - we made delicious chocolate chocolate chip cookies! Yummy!!!!

I was so excited to sing Cookie Monster's "C is for Cookie" song. All the way home I told Mommy that I was going to ask Daddy to find it so I could watch it on TV. We had to settle for watching it on the computer:

Beautiful B Week

Last week Mommy was so busy getting ready for her trip to New York City, she didn't even have a chance to write about my letter of the week. Miss Chris and I celebrated letter B all week, making lots of fun crafts including bunny ears, balloons, butterflies, button bears, and more! I learned lots of fun poems too. And of course the week wouldn't be complete without a yummy cooking project - Baking Banana Bread! Miss Chris sure knows how to make learning fun (and tasty!).

Just a few of my letter B crafts on display...the kitchen gallery is filling up quickly!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Picking

This year Miss Chris is planning "letter of the week" activities for me. This week was "A is for Apple" (and Annabelle!) so we're having lots of fun with apples. Today I got to go on a very special field trip...APPLE PICKING! What a wonderful time I had!

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Thank you Miss Chris for making such a special memory with me!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Fun

As my loyal fans know, I LOVE carousels so over the weekend of course I asked Mommy and Daddy to please take me to ride on one. I have been wanting to show Daddy the "double decker" carousel that Mommy took me on once in the spring while she was home from work. We never go to the mall, so this was quite a rare treat for me. Not only did I get to enjoy two rides on the carousel (one with Mommy on the upstairs part and one with Daddy downstairs), but I also got to throw some pennies in the fountain! And as an extra special treat I even got to have some chocolate and vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles (even though it was almost time for lunch!).

As soon as I woke up from my nap (and again the next day) I was asking Mommy and Daddy to take me to the carousel again. I told them that next time I want to go to the one at the museum so I can play with Big Bird too!

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Crafty Cutie

I always have so much fun at Miss Chris' house. Last week I made an "All About Me" flag. I decorated it with pictures of lots of my favorite things (yes, including the Geico "money with eyes" that I think is hilarious). I enjoyed cutting and gluing the pictures so much that I wanted to do more cutting and gluing when I got home!

I also wrote (well, dictated) and illustrated a book about my favorite things. Here are the words:

"My name is Annabelle. My favorite color is orange. My favorite food is chicken nuggets and fries. My favorite toy is the doll house. My favorite place to go is Chuck E. Cheese."

Thanks Miss Chris for filling my days with fun and learning!

Luck o' the Irish

Check out this cute tee shirt my friend Keli brought back for me when she went to Ireland. Keli is Mommy's friend Traci's sister, and she is SOOOO nice to bring me special surprises when they go on trips. Keli got me a sweet little pair of socks with clovers on them too. Traci also brought me a very special leprechaun backpack from Ireland! And their mom always sends me fun children's books when she hits the garage sales! I'm a LUCKY little gal to have such great friends!

Looking at my cute shirt and then posing with a "CHEESEy" smile :-)

Playing with my dollhouse and pretending to call Traci!

Ending the evening (by special request) with a wagon ride from Daddy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

Here are a few pics of Mommy and me this morning before we left for our first day of school. Check out how much I have grown since last year!

Waving goodbye to Daddy!

All the way to Miss Chris' house I told Mommy over and over again:
"I put my packpack on, go on the bus, the bus driver take me a school, I go kinnagarten, the big kids..."

Of course, I can't wait to go to school like the big kids! But the other thing I've been saying to Mommy and Daddy a lot the last few days is "I not a grown up yet!"

Commercial Break...

We interrupt our regular program to celebrate with my Mama! She just acheived her goal of walking 200 miles over summer vacation (20 miles a week for 10 weeks). Woo-hoo!

Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer Fun

Today is the last day of our summer vacation, so we decided to do something special. After my nap we went to Ontario Beach Park and rode the famous carousel that I love so much. Mommy and I were there the day it opened for the season, and today we got to enjoy a final couple of rides. After that we walked along the pier and enjoyed watching the boats. Then we made our way to the portside restaurant Cheeburger Cheeburger for a yummy supper. What fun!

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Friday, September 4, 2009

"My Girlies"

Wednesday morning Mommy and I got to start our day off right with some playtime at Miss Chris' house. This was a rare treat for Mommy to get to hang out with me and "my girlies" as I call them. I had an awesome time (as always) with Courtney, Maggie, and Bridget.

These pics also feature a new outfit I got from Grammy Katie during our recent visit to West Virginia. I got a lot of compliments on the cute little outfit all day long, and each time someone told me they liked it I answered "Grammy Katie give it to me. She lub me sooo much!"

I love all the dollies and tiny babies and dollhouses at Miss Chris' house!

Mommy tried to get me to perform my latest nursery rhyme "Little Miss Muffet":

Later in the morning we saw the girlies AGAIN at the school's Open House. I just had to sneak in to say hi while they were visiting kindergarten.

Still later we got another wonderful surprise - Miss Chris called Mommy and invited us to join the gals for lunch. She treated us to a delicious lunch at a new-ish restaurant in Webster called Peaches Cafe. The owner (whose name is actually Charlie Brown!) really loved me and kept saying I was "too cute!" We had a great time.

Thanks Miss Chris and "my girlies!" Lub you!!!!

My Pal Traci

I love Mommy's friend Traci sooooooo much. One day last week I decided that I wanted her to come over to my house, and even though Mommy told me she wasn't coming I begged and begged to "wait for her white car outside!!!!" I was so sure that if I just wished hard enough I could make her appear!

Finally on Wednesday my wish came true, and Traci came over to my house to play with me and have pizza night! We had such a great time! Here I am dancing with Traci in her new chicken hat. (She doesn't usually wear chicken hats; this was a special occasion).

Mommy kept trying to catch a picture of me wearing the chicken hat but I am too fast and her camera is too slow!

Traci was still at my house when I went to sleep, and as soon as I woke up the next morning I said to Mommy "I go find Traci!" When Mommy told me that Traci went home to sleep at her house I cried so hard!!!!

We love you Traci!

Cousin Mirabella Mae

Here are some pics from our visit last weekend with Mirabelle Mae (now 2 months old)!

Construction Paper Boogie

Here's how much fun I can have with nothing but a pile of colored paper!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just an example...

of how sweet and loving I am:

A couple of weeks ago Daddy was leaving to go to work and I gave him a little toy M&M guy to take with him. He tried to leave the toy home for me but I insisted that he take it with him.

This morning when Mommy and I were kissing Daddy goodbye, I noticed that Mommy was a little sad. I said, "You sad, Mama?" and Mommy told me that sometimes she misses Daddy and feels a little sad when they say goodbye. She said, "Do you sometimes feel a little sad when you say goodbye to Mommy and Daddy?" And I told her, "Yes. That why I give him my M&M guy a play with."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend in West Virginia

The weekend before last we got to enjoy a fun visit to Grammy Katie's house in West Virginia!

Daddy's Article

Check out Daddy's article in the latest issue of Discover Rochester, the online magazine he will be writing for each month!

Good job, Daddy! Next time you and Mommy should take me along for your dinner date!