Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daddy Thinks I'm So Beautiful...

And he just loves my sweet face in this picture!

Some Fun Photos of My Fun Weekend with Grammy Katie!

Grammy Katie came to visit this weekend and she and Mommy did what they always do when Grammy comes to town...a home improvement project. This weekend their mission was to improve my porch and patio play areas. They got me a nice new cushy carpet for the back porch and cleaned out lots of the grown-up stuff so I could have more space to play. They got an even bigger indoor/outdoor "fake grass" rug (Mommy calls it my artificial turf) for the patio so I have more room to play out there too. Grammy Katie says I am the queen of all I survey and I am taking over every room in the house (and now conquering the porch and back yard too!). Thanks Grammy Katie for helping to make my outdoor and "almost outdoor" play areas extra special! I had so much fun with you this weekend! I LOVE YOU!

Sprinkle Me Elmo!

For my first birthday Uncle Jason and Aunt Melissa got me an Elmo Sprinkler. I love it!

Here I am last week finally having my first chance to play in the Sprinkler.
Hey, Uncle J and Aunt M gave me this outfit for my birthday, too!

I realized that the leaky hose could make a fun sprinkler as well.
Here, Mommy and Daddy, I'll try to fix this leak for you!

Another day of Sprinkler fun!

Some more fun with Elmo!

Family Pictures

Grammy Katie thought it was just scandalous that we have next to no pictures of all three of us together. So she was determined to take a bunch of them before she bid us farewell today. Here is a selection from the family photo shoot:

Three Generations of Love

Mommy and Me and my Grammy Katie...
Three Generations of Love!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Second Time as a Mini Flower Girl

On Saturday my Aunt Jenn (Daddy's sister) got married and I got to have my second chance to be a mini flower girl. Here I am playing in the back of the church while I waited for my turn to go down the aisle.

Playing with Noah, the ring bearer

This time instead of having Mommy pull me down the aisle in a wagon, I got to walk down the aisle myself. Except when it came time to walk down the aisle, I mostly just wanted to stand there and wave. What can I say? I looked really cute, and lots of people wanted to admire me and take my picture! Finally Daddy came and carried me the rest of the way.

Here is a video clip of me (sort of) walking down the aisle:

As is my custom, I stayed awake for everything except the wedding party photos!
Here I am dozing on Mommy's lap.

At the reception, I amused myself with a water bottle, some styrofoam items, and flower petals.
Here are a couple little movies of me playing:

And sometimes I had a good old time just clapping!

I also enjoyed the dancing! Here I am going toward the dance floor...
I stopped to give my request to the DJ - I like the FAST stuff with a good beat!
What a fun day! Congratulations, Aunt Jenn and Uncle Ben!
PS - Sorry Mommy didn't get any pictures of the wedding party! (Too busy holding me!!)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have now figured out how to open the door at the bottom of our stairway! Watch out!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Best Daddy in the Land!

Today I celebrated a very special Father's Day with my very special daddy. He is the best daddy in the land and I love him so! Mommy and I planned some fun outings and surprises for Daddy's special day. I got a new outfit for the occasion, including my first ever pair of sandals. While Daddy was sleeping in I practiced walking in them just to make sure they worked!

Mommy and I started four special Father's Day Traditions.
1 - Extra Special Breakfast (out or in) - this morning we went to Denny's. Daddy loves their pancakes and Mommy loves their omelets. I shared some of both of their meals!
2 - Annual Father's Day Coupon Book - this year we kicked it off with a book of Pizza Coupons good for one pizza a month at some of Daddy's favorite joints. The book was extra special because it featured my FIRST EVER coloring! And speaking of pizza, last night I tried some pizza for the second time -- I tried it a few weeks ago and I didn't like it, but last night Mommy gave me a little nibble and I said "MMMMM!!" is a really cute high-pitched little girlie voice. I think pizza is my new favorite food! Daddy, start using those coupons!
3 - Annabelle's Annual Book Pick - every year I get to choose a new book to add to my collection, one that I will especially enjoy reading with Daddy. This year's choice was a book called My Daddy and Me about a baby bear and Daddy bear and all of their fun adventures in nature. It's perfect for me and Daddy because we both love nature and we love each other so much, just like the bears in my story.
4 - Annual Scrapbook Addition - Mommy will add a special Daddy and Annabelle page to my scrapbook every year. This year she had to add two to get caught up, because she didn't do any scrapbooking last year when I was tiny.

2007 Page

2008 Page

Here we are taking Daddy out for a yummy breakfast...

Then we went to the book store...

Check me out walking so fast in my new sandals!

And we spent lots of time playing outside! This is my first time wearing my sparkly fish bathing suit that Grammy Katie gave me for my birthday!

What a fun day. I love you Daddy!

Happy Father's Day to Grampa Larry and Papa Ron, too!