Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon: Dress Up Fun

On Tuesday Miss Chris and the girlies gave me a wonderful bag full of hand-me-down dress up clothes. Thank you so much! I have had a great time playing dress up every day since then. The first night I especially enjoyed dressing up my doggies.

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And now for a ridiculous number of video clips!

Monday Afternoon: Carpet Picnic

The moment we walked in the door after school on Monday, I got busy setting up a picnic on the kitchen floor for me and my Daddy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Story of My Breakfast

This morning I asked Mommy for some "flake cereal with milk in a grown-up bowl, please." Then I noticed Mommy cut up some banana to put on her cereal, so I asked her if she could cut up my banana and put it in my cereal too. I ate the whole bowl and asked for "more flakes and more milk, please" and then said "thank you Mommy" when she gave it to me. Mommy told me she liked my nice manners, and I told her "I like your nice manners too, Mommy! You're not mean!" When I was almost done with my second bowl, Mommy was doing the dishes and Daddy was finishing his coffee at the table with me and this is what they heard: "Come on, guys! These flakes are not cooperating! They are not cooperating for me to pick them up!" Daddy suggested I grab the last few flakes with my fingers, so I did and then I yelled "I DID IT!"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Boys

Angus and Jo-Jo don't get their share of photos taken anymore, but they still get lots of love and cozy comfort! Here they are all cuddled up on the couch today:

Autumn Hike

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Me as a Mermaid

One day last week Miss Chris asked Mommy if I'd like to bring home a very special hand-me-down: a Little Mermaid dress up dress. Of course we said YES PLEASE! On our way home we had to make a quick stop at Wegman's, and I asked Mommy if I could wear the Ariel dress into the store. Not only did I wear it all through the grocery store, but I kept it on all evening long (and even wanted to sleep in it!). Thanks for sharing it with us, Miss Chris and the girlies!

Halloween 2009

What an awesome day we had on Halloween. We went on a fun fall hike in Durand Eastman Park, had dinner at Pizzeria Uno's (thanks for the Make Your Own Pizza coupon, Miss Chris!) and joined our friends the Riedel's and others for trick-or-treating. I continued my tradition of dressing up as an animal (see my past costumes - ladybug and puppy). This was the first year I actually chose my own costume. I was really excited to dress up as a giraffe, but I wasn't too sure about the head (hood) of the costume. After refusing to wear it at all every time we tried the costume on, I surprised Mommy and Daddy by keeping it on almost the whole time we trick-or-treated! We had a great time and almost every night since then I have gotten to enjoy one piece of my candy. Last night I told Mommy and Daddy "I love candy SO MUCH!" Of course they keep on reminding me that candy is only a "sometimes food." I always ask for "chocolate...a BIG one!" Check out the slideshow for lots of photos from our fun day!

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