Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

This weekend we went to Barnes & Noble to see something neat. Students from a high school in Mommy's district were performing a few of the songs from their upcoming musical, Beauty and the Beast. Of course I decided that Belle was actually Cinderella, my princess of choice.

Mommy and me with Mrs. Potts, my favorite of the characters we saw

I actually had even more fun after the "show" looking at books and playing with stuffed animals in the Children's Books section. Believe it or not, we didn't even buy anything, but I didn't mind a bit because I had so much fun browsing!

Princess "Rella"

Last weekend we had a fun visit with Gram Marie and Grampa Larry. They brought me this special crown which is perfect for celebrating St. Patrick's Day (which also happens to be Uncle Ross' and Grampa Larry's birthday)! Well, I have decided that this crown turns me (or whoever else is wearing it) into CINDERELLA! She seems to be my favorite "Princess" since I use her name (I call her "Rella") as the title for any and all of the princesses I see in story books or in real life. Here I am modeling my 'Rella crown.

Poor Little Sicky!

I am finally feeling better after two weeks of being sick. It all started with a cough which finally turned into a terrible double ear infection. Mommy and Daddy took turns staying home with me most of last week. Here I am on Tuesday, which turned out to be my worst day.

The good part of being sick is that Mommy and Daddy always let me have a special treat of a Hershey's Kiss or a few M&M's after I take my medicine! Here I am with a chocolaty face!

Surprises in the Mail

I LOVE getting mail! I enjoy any and all mail and I'm happy to "read" catalogs, bills, etc. but I especially love getting mail that is REALLY just for me! Lots of friends and relatives send me cute little cards which I love to read over and over again. Yesterday I got some really exciting mail from Grammy Katie, the kind with surprises inside that I could unwrap! Watch how excited I got when I realized what was inside of one of the packages!

Thanks for the exciting mail, Grammy Katie! I love you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Couch Potatoes

Look how much fun we have just sitting around - Daddy caught some good shots and clips!

My First Spaghetti

Time to show off the obligatory, extraordinarily messy shots of my first time eating spaghetti...a rite of passage for all toddlers.

And they even made a video to mark the occasion!

Please note: These photos are now one month old. I am certain that by now I can eat spaghetti in a much tidier fashion, if they just give me a chance!

Lollipop Farm

Over winter break (yes, that was in mid-February...we are very behind!) we went for our first ever visit to Lollipop Farm, a local animal shelter. I loved visiting the cats, dogs, and bunnies. Check out the photos!

Okay, this is not a real horse, but there are real live horses at the farm. This is one of the painted horses we see all around town. I always get excited to see one. The "Horses on Parade" is a community art project in Rochester.

We stopped first to see the kitties but must be Mommy didn't get any pictures! Mostly what we have to show you are the doggies, and a bunny cage at the end.