Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zoo Boo...The Movie(s)

And now for some video clips from our SPOOKY FUN day at the Zoo! So many people complimented me on my costume. They thought I was sooooo cute and many especially loved the little barrel around my neck. Mommy and Daddy were amazed that I happily kept the whole costume on throughout the trip, even the hoodie ear part. I also walked the entire zoo by myself, all the way down the big hill to the elephants and back up again. I finally let Mommy and Daddy carry me a bit when we were almost to the parking lot heading home.

Beware...there are a LOT of video clips! But they were all just too cute to leave any of them out!

This tunnel leads to the inside of the cougar habitat. There is a "lookout" spot where you can stand up and see the cougar up close. I just wanted to crawl in and out of the tunnel. Everyone around thought I was so brave to just crawl right in there when I'm such a small one!

Zoo BOO!

Over the weekend we enjoyed another fun fall outing...the Zoo BOO at Seneca Park Zoo! It was another beautiful autumn day with a great way to celebrate being 18 months old. We had so many neat pictures that Mommy decided to try creating her first ever online scrapbook. Enjoy!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we enjoyed a fun trip to Wickham Farms to pick out the perfect pumpkin. We ended up choosing two - one BIG one for Daddy to carve for me, and a cute little one just the right size for me to play with. While we were at the farm, I got to ride the kiddie train, get pulled around in a wagon through the pumpkin patch, and even go on a hay ride (which was actually a straw ride). We saw some chickens gobbling up their corn, looked at some neat jack-o-lanterns all lit up inside a little shack, and ended our trip with a yummy homemade rainbow chip cookie. What a fun time! Here are some pictures and videos for you to enjoy!

The Kiddie Train!

Wagon Ride around the Pumpkin Patch

Visiting the hungry chickens

The jack-o-lantern shack

The Hay Ride!

Notice the corn stalk I carried around most of the day - I even took it home with me!

We saw the Three Little Pigs' Houses in the field!

We shared a yummy, giant cookie on the way home...I ate most of it!

Notice how perfectly the background music fits the moment!

Finally, here I am at home later in the day, enjoying some quality time with my pumpkins.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Nature Collection

Last night I enjoyed creating another nature collection. Angus and Joe-Joe love to hang out with me in the backyard, especially during our nightly after supper outdoor playtime.

Collecting Pinecones by Twilight

It is getting cooler outside and darker earlier, but I don't mind a bit! I still love playing outside every evening before and after supper. A couple of nights ago when I went out to play, Mama said "It's too cold, Annabelly, you need a hat!" So I ran back in the porch and grabbed this cute little pink baseball cap my Great Grandma Jo gave me a while back. It didn't keep my head all that warm but I looked really cute wearing it!

One of my favorite outdoor activities is making nature collections. I love to play with pinecones, sticks, leaves, and anything else I find outside. Here I am collecting some special things in my yellow bucket.

And now for a video clip:

Happy Half Birthday to Me!

I am now a year and a half old! Here I am at my eighteen-month check up. I enjoyed playing with this toy while we waited for the doctor. I now weigh 25 and 1/2 pounds and I am 32 and 1/2 inches tall!

And here I am back in my clothes, enjoying a snack at home. My cute little Elmo outfit says "It's fun being one!"

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Museum Fun

A random assortment of other fun times at the museum

Enjoying some good books...

Reading to Daddy

Upstairs in the Toy Hall of Fame - SLINKY!

And Mr. Potato Head!

Snack Break! We weren't supposed to eat here so we got BUSTED!

Pretending in the Post Office

Playing in a special little play area for little tykes like me.

I spent a lot of time guarding the bridge. Watch how I try to surprise this little girl when she passes by!