Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bambi's Friends

Check this out - as we rode around the little Adirondack towns of Old Forge, Inlet, Big Moose, and more, we found lots of deer wandering around in the woods right near the road. When we pulled over to the side, we could get them to walk right up to the truck! "Here, Deer, here Deer," and here they come!

This deer is across the road from us, and Mommy did not zoom in to take this picture.

BUT WAIT! It gets even better! The next day we took one last drive around before we began the trip home, and we found another deer who came even closer to the truck. Check this out!

Here's Daddy reaching his arm out the window to pet the deer!

Mommy couldn't see the deer very well from the other side of the truck, so she decided to get out and feed the skinny little doe some of my animal crackers for a snack!

Today I looked through the books on my shelf and found my Bambi board book. I made Daddy read it to me three times before bed!

My New Adirondack Chair, etc.

Here I am sitting in my new Adirondack chair, a fun and functional souvenir from our Adirondack vacation. We bought it at the Inlet Department Store, right before we saw the golden retriever driving the car. I couldn't wait to sit in it, and we had to plop it in the grass near our parking space so I could just spend some time lounging in my new chair before we left for our next adventure.

Here is a picture of the Inlet Common School. It is the smallest, or maybe second smallest, school district in New York state. These two little buildings house the school from grades pre-k through 8. For high school the kids are bussed to the nearby Town of Webb schools, 10 miles away in Old Forge. We learned all of this by chatting with a nice man who told us he is a classroom teacher, maintenance man, lunch lady, and gym coach, all rolled into one. He also told us the school is so great, people should be begging to work there. Maybe someday Mommy and Daddy will teach in a small town like this!

Here are some pretty pictures we took on one of our drives between Inlet and Old Forge.

How to Amuse Yourself on a LONG Car Ride

This week we went on a trip to Old Forge, NY. It was our first real family vacation. Grandpa Larry and Gram Marie got to go too! There were many exciting parts of the trip but one thing we did a lot was ride around in Grandpa's nice big truck. Mommy brought along lots of interesting things to keep me amused on the long drives. One of my favorites was my new Crayola Beginnings washable triangular crayons and my fun little puppy composition book. Here are some pictures of me making beautiful art in the back seat.

And speaking of car rides, check out the driver of this car - a GOLDEN RETRIEVER! We spotted him parked on the side of the road in Inlet as we walked up and down through the shops.

I will post lots more about our trip. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dancing in My Wet Suit

Here is a video of me dancing in my new Body Glove swim training float suit. I practiced wearing it for a bit so I will be all ready for swimming during our trip to Old Forge next week!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playing in the Dirt

And one more great video Daddy took today!

Movin' and Groovin'

Daddy made so many good movies of me today while Mommy was working!
Here is one featuring me movin' and groovin' in my play porch. Those are play food cans of vegetables I'm carrying around with me!


Another great video Daddy took of me today!

Doodle Baby

Here I am writing on my new mini Magna Doodle. Watch the funny things I do when I notice that Daddy is making a video of me!

PS - Also note that I continue to prefer to be left-handed at this point. Hmmm... am I going to take after my Mommy??

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun Times with Daddy

This week Mommy has to work so me and Daddy are hanging out together. Yesterday we stayed home all day while Mommy was gone, then when she got home we all went to Durand-Eastman Park, our favorite place to go for walks. Daddy went for a jog in the woods while Mommy and I walked along the lakeside trail. Then we all met up again and walked around in the woods together. I picked up some acorns and even got to catch some tiny toads with Daddy. There was a baby swing nearby and for the first time I actually liked swinging a little bit!

Today we met Mommy for a picnic lunch, and the rest of the day we played at home. I love to play with Daddy and one of my favorite things is when he plays his guitar for me. Nowadays I am so smart that I try to adjust the settings on his amp for him. Check me out with Daddy's fancy Fender Telecaster!

Check out my wild hair - don't I look like a rocker?!

My First Music Festival

Last weekend we went to Bopfest, my first ever music festival. It will definitely be the first of many, since I had a great time! I LOVE music and live music is totally fun! I clapped, danced, and conducted. We had such a great time that we went on Saturday AND Sunday. This weekend we are planning to go to another local music festival. Hurray! Here are a few photos from Bopfest.

Look Daddy! The band!

A cool sculpture I liked sitting near

The second band we saw

A round of applause!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

15 month stats

Yesterday I had my 15-month checkup with my pediatrician.

Good news: 30 1/2 inches long, 24 pounds, 6 ounces.

Bad news: 3 more shots!

A nice lady with newborn twins told Mommy I "looked so smart playing in the waiting room."

Fun at The Fair

Last weekend I took Daddy and Mommy to the Monroe County Fair. They had really yummy food. I had some of Mommy and Daddy's pizza for lunch, and we ended our day with some delicious funnel cake. Mmmm!!!! Daddy played a dart game and won me a little neon orange doggy as a souvenir of my first ever visit to a fair.

I liked seeing all the animals, especially the horses.

Waving to the miniature horses

The horse show - it got rained out a few minutes after this first little guy took his bow

Playing in "Toddler Square" (it sounded like a lot more fun than it actually was, but at least we stayed dry inside during the sudden, very brief downpour)

My first ever art contest - we didn't actually enter my masterpiece, because Mommy wanted to keep it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playing Outside on my 15 month old birthday!

Yesterday I turned 15 months old. I am getting "SO BIG!" I am sure you will enjoy watching these two videos of me playing outside on my 15 month old birthday.

Here I am trying very hard to climb headfirst into my Little Tikes barn:

(Daddy did help me at the end)

And here I am playing in my playhouse:

Nature Girl!

I love to play outside and I love nature. Here I am playing with twigs and pinecones in our backyard.

Here is a video clip. As an added bonus, you will also get to see Angus and Joe-Joe running around like crazy dogs!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Check out my Play Kitchen!

Look at the fun new kitchen set I have in my play porch. We got it for FREE from Mommy's friend Ellen - her sister was giving it away. I just love playing with all the fun food and dishes and especially the phone! I am such a lucky girl to have this neat stuff given to me!