Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Baby

I spent most of my first Halloween at Mommy's school. I got to join her morning and afternoon kindergarten classes for the costume parades.

Here we are, dressed up as Baby and Mama Ladybugs.

I was really tired after my long day at school, so I fell asleep before we got to take any really good pictures of me in my whole costume. Mommy and Daddy are going to dress me up costume again this weekend when Gramma Katie comes to visit, so we'll have some better pictures then to show off what a cute little ladybug I am!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My First Pumpkin

Today we carved my first pumpkin! Well, Daddy did the carving and Mommy and I watched and helped him decide what kind of face to make. Mommy and I were really excited! First I got to play with the pumpkin. I mostly liked pounding on it and kicking it.

Look - I even have a Nuk that looks like a pumpkin!

I was a little bit scared when Daddy first pulled the pumpkin's head off!

I really wanted to eat the stem. If only my pumpkin Nuk hadn't been in the way!

I spit out my Nuk but they still wouldn't let me eat the stem. Oh well, there's always next Halloween!

The Worst of the Firsts

I have enjoyed most of my "firsts" ~ first smile, first laugh, first time rolling over, first time eating solid food...but now I have discovered the worst of the firsts - MY FIRST COLD! Yup, I am sick for the first time and it is no fun at all. I have a very stuffy nose and a cough. When I breathe I sound like Snuffleupagus! I feel pretty yucky but I think Mommy and Daddy feel even worse than me! They feel really sorry for their poor little sick baby girl. But the good news is I am still pretty happy and playful and content most of the time. A silly little cold can't keep me down!

Friday, October 26, 2007

My First Two Friends

I'm so lucky to have a wonderful babysitter who takes such great care of me while Mommy and Daddy are at work. And as an added bonus, before and after school every day I get to play with my first two friends ~ Sarah and Justin. They are Miss Maryann's fabulous children who Mommy was lucky to have in her kindergarten class last year and the year before. Here we are playing together yesterday after school. That's Justin on the left and Sarah on the right (and of course that's me in the middle!). I love you Sarah and Justin!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Little Lady in Red

"What is Annabelle wearing tomorrow?" This is the question that my 2nd grade friend Sarah (daughter of my fabulous babysitter Miss Maryann) asks Mommy every day. Mommy tells Sarah what color I'll be wearing the next day, and then Sarah plans her outfit so we can match. Sometimes Sarah forgets to ask Mommy what I'm wearing, so when I get to her house she's still in her PJ's, waiting to find out what color I have on so she can get dressed. :-)

Today was "Wear Red Day" for Red Ribbon Week at my Mommy's school. So of course I was wearing red. But an unforeseen MWM* occurred on the way to the babysitter's house, and soon after I arrived there I was wearing pink instead. [*Loyal Birdie Blog readers may recall previous instances of Major Wardrobe Malfunctions.]'s how cute I was looking before the unfortunate occurrence:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Preview of Coming Attractions...

Yesterday I surprised Mommy by waving goodbye to her for the very first time. Every morning I watch out the babysitter's window when she leaves for school. My friend Sarah, daughter of the fabulous Miss Maryann who takes care of me during the day, always takes my hand and helps me wave goodbye. But yesterday I did it all by myself! Mommy could hardly believe it! Then today I did it again, just to show her I really meant it! But I don't know why Mommy was so surprised; take a look at this picture she took of me 3 days ago...

Waving, wouldn't you say?!

My First Half Birthday!

Hurray - I'm 6 months old! Already halfway to my first birthday. I went for my 6-month checkup and I now weigh 19 pounds, 4 ounces and I am 27 inches long. Mommy says I'm also completely adorable and tons of fun!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birdie Girl the Flower Girl

This weekend I got to be a mini flower girl in my Uncle Jeff's wedding. Uncle Jeff is my Daddy's older brother, and thanks to him I now have a brand new Aunt Kathy!
Being a mini flower girl was awesome! I got to wear a beautiful fancy gown with ruffly material that was so much fun to play with (and chew on). Mommy pulled me down the aisle in a little red wagon and everybody oooh'd and ahhh'd. I was so happy and excited throughout the wedding and the reception, and I only fell asleep for 10 minutes (I can't help it if my bird-nap happened at exactly the same time as the wedding party was being photographed!) :-)

After my nap we went to the reception. The DJ introduced Daddy and me, and then we had our first ever dance. Mommy and I played and danced the night away! We had so much fun.

Congratulations Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kathy! I'm so glad I got to be a part of your special day!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Take a Hike!

I am definitely a nature girl. I love to go for walks and this weekend I got to go on a real hike in the woods. Daddy and Mommy took turns carrying me in my new hip carrier. It's much more comfy than my old Snugli (which Mommy says was supposed to fit me until I got to 27 pounds, but I was squeezed in there like a little sausage at only 18 pounds!). The hike was so much fun because I got to look at trees, which is one of my favorite pastimes. There were also some ponds and little woodland creatures to look at but mostly I liked the trees.

I Love Vegetables!

I just LOVE vegetables. If you had asked me last week I would have told you my favorite vegetable was squash. Hands down. But this week I'm a sweet potato girl. Yessiree, sweet potatoes are the best vegetable ever. At least until I try carrots next week...

Mommy feeds me some...

And I feed myself some...

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE THING!

The Cutest Socks in the World

You just have to see these socks. They are definitely the cutest socks in the world. Well, I haven't see all the socks in the world yet, but I'm pretty sure these are the cutest. See how they look like I'm wearing cute black strappy shoes?! Totally cute, right? They were given to me by Aunt Jerri's great friend Beth and I've been bugging Mommy to put them on me for months. Finally I had a chance to wear them (lucky me!) and now you get to see the pictures (lucky you!).