Sunday, March 30, 2008

My First Easter in 10 Pictures

Grandpa Larry and Grandma Marie came to visit me. They brought me an Easter "bucket" filled with some cute new outfits (I'm wearing one in this picture), a great book, and a "My First Easter Bunny." Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!

Posing with my "First Easter Bunny"
He likes to sit in the laundry basket too!
On Easter morning I woke up to find the the Easter Bunny had also paid me a visit! He brought me an Easter Train filled with (empty) plastic eggs (my new favorite toys!!), a hopping bunny and a quacking duck.

Just a little taste...

I love the cool train sound!

Watching the bunny hop - he freaked me out a little at first!

I Like Trucks!

Last weekend Mommy and Daddy and I went grocery shopping together at Wegman's. Mommy saw some cute dollies that were as big as me, and she kept holding up different ones to see if I might like them. But I was not interested. Then we came to a large bin full of all different kinds of trucks. That's what I wanted! Lucky me, I came home with a "Hot Dog" Monster Truck and a Dinosaur Cement Mixer. For only $1.44 each - we should have picked out a couple more!

From Mommy: Note the irony of wearing a "Little Princess" bib (my least favorite words for little girl's clothes, by the way!) whilst playing with Monster Trucks.

Sharing our Milk - Update

Hurray! Mommy jumped through all the hoops and now she's a "qualified donor" to share our milk with babies who need it. She had to do DNA testing and bloodwork and have both of our doctors fill out some paperwork, and now that everything has cleared we are just waiting for our shipping cooler so we can send the milk off to California. Here's a link to our story on the Milkin' Mamas website.

PS - The process to get qualified was not too difficult, even with Mommy teaching full-time and being a busy Mama. So if you are a breastfeeding mommy out there and you think you might be able to share your extra milk, we definitely recommend contacting Milkin' Mamas. They make things very simple and they are really nice too!

Lunch Date with Mommy

I finally got to go back to school for my first lunch date with Mommy since Valentine's Day. I was so excited to see Mommy's classroom. I had fun meeting Mommy's student teacher - she's really nice. I got really interested in this fun blue bin with wheels on it. It reminded me of my favorite blue laundry basket at home. The kids at Mommy's school use these bins to return their library books. I decided it would be fun to take it for a little ride around the school. That's a big fluffy wolf puppet I liked, riding behind me. Wheeeeeeee!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boogie Baby!

The "Fabulous Miss Maryann" is all better and this week I got to go back to her house while Mommy and Daddy are at work. Today Mommy and I had a play date at Miss Maryann's house and I just had to boogie on down to my fun music. Take a look!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Top o' the Mornin to Me!

It's my lucky day - I found a new friend, a new and improved "Mr. Balloon" - a gigantic leprechaun! Boy is he fun to play with. Check us out!

Today is also a very special day for our family. Uncle Ross and Grandpa Larry both celebrate their birthdays today. Happy Birthday Uncle Ross! Happy Birthday Grandpa Larry! We love you!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm Eleven Months Old!

Hey folks, I am 11 months old today! Only one more month until my very first birthday and my first taste of cake! We couldn't really go out and celebrate today because I'm still recovering from my cold, but I had a lot of fun just playing and snuggling with Daddy and Mommy.

A funny thing happened while Mommy was out grocery shopping. She had dressed me in my "Life is Good" outfit with leggings underneath to keep me warm. I was taking a nap when suddenly Daddy heard me burst into tears. He came running to rescue me and found a not-so-pleasant surprise: a MAJOR WARDROBE MALFUNCTION! A big time explosion, right up the back of my outfit. Now, that's not all that funny, but what is kind of funny is that this is only the second time I have ever worn this outfit, and the exact same thing happened the first time I wore it too!

Aside from that bit of excitement, I spent my whole day just playing with my toys and my family and doing a lot of waving to everybody and everything around. Here are a few of today's photos:

Cute (and Clean!) from Head to Toe

On the day I turned 11 months old we finally used up our first 9 oz. bottle of Johnson's Head to Toe Body Wash. To celebrate, here are a few photos and the latest tubby time video from tonight's bath.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sleeping on Dada's Lap

Here I am sleeping on Dada's lap tonight. I feel asleep at 6:00 PM (my usual bedtime is 7:00) and I have already been awake 4 times since then. This doesn't bode well for our night of sleep. But just look at my sweet little sleepy baby self!


Well it was only a few weeks ago that I had my first fever and now I already have my second one! Yesterday morning just a little while after she got to school, Mommy had to pick me up and bring me home. Yup, I had the fever. Again! I have another bad cold with a runny nose, cough, and (Mommy is pretty sure) a sore throat. Mommy started getting sick earlier this week and now Daddy is starting to get sick too. We're a house full of sickies. Mama and I stayed home together again today, and I think Dada is going to stay home and take care of me tomorrow. I will take good care of him too. We'll have to take lots of naps so we can both feel better.

Here I am playing a bit today even though I was feeling yucky:

Going after the camera, as usual

Performing in front of my Superstar Stage

Choosing a book to read with Mama

Coming in for another close up

Doing some auto maintenance:

Here I am fresh from the bath, holding my nose drops and hoping Mommy forgets about them.

Cozying up with Dada, almost ready for beddie-bye...I fell asleep on his lap a few minutes after Mommy took this picture (a whole hour earlier than my usual bedtime!)