Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Even though Mommy is still working on Christmas postings, I had to interrupt with this timely message for all of my "Fan-abelles" ~

Baking "Santa Cookies"

Another of our Christmas Eve cooking projects was baking "Santa Cookies." This is my name for frosted cut-out cookies. This is the first time we have baked them in my lifetime, and since we were baking them for Santa, I decided to name them "Santa Cookies."

I tried on my special new apron and chef's hat for the occasion...just a wee bit too big, the apron actually fit Daddy!

First step - mixing the batter...

Next: Rolling out the dough...

Then: Cutting out the cookies...

The first batch out of the oven...

The plan was to frost and decorate the cookies after my nap. But I just couldn't wait that long to have a taste! So Mommy quickly sprinkled some colored sugar on a little one for me to sample.

And now for a video clip recap!

Daddy's Holiday Concert

Check out how happy Daddy's singing makes me!

Magic Reindeer Food - Part 2

Here we are sprinkling my special Magic Reindeer Food out in the snow on our front porch. I had to bring my "Cookies for Santa" plate out with me. At the end I was a little sad because I wanted Santa to come RIGHT NOW!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Magic Reindeer Food - Part 1

On Christmas Eve I cooked up a very special recipe: Magic Reindeer Food! The ingredients are quick oats for their hungry tummies, and white sugar and colored sugar to sparkle on the snow and guide their way to our house. I was a masterful chef and did all the cooking myself. I took the job very seriously and followed the recipe precisely. Check it out!

Stay tuned for Part 2 when we sprinkle the Magic Reindeer Food outside in the snow!

Exchanging Gifts with the McNamara's

On the day before Christmas Eve, our last day together until the New Year, I got to have a fun little gift exchange with our dear friends the McNamara's.

Here I am opening a very special surprise...

Wow! It's a sweet little baby doll, who comes with a tiny soft puppy and her own stroller! Miss Chris knew I would love this, since I always like to push babies around in the little stroller at her house.

Here I am giving the baby and puppy a squeeze and taking them out for their first walk.

Miss Chris loves tea -- every morning I like to sing along with her tea kettle -- so I gave her a special "teacher" tea cup! Maggie is helping me "drink" out of the cup!

I helped Mommy pass out our gifts to "the girls" - I even offered to help them open theirs!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear McNamara's! We love you!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Second Annual (?) Visit to Santa Claus

Last weekend we went to visit Santa Claus. Loyal fans will recall the outcome of last year's first annual visit. Well, believe it or not, folks, this year's visit ended up in much the same way. I was VERY excited to see Santa. All the way to the mall I was shouting "Santa! Ho-ho-HO!" So Mommy and Daddy thought perhaps I was actually going to enjoy the event this year. Although my excitement lasted throughout our long wait in line in the same ice castle we visited last year, once the final moment arrived, I again burst into tears. This year Mommy didn't even try to put me on Santa's lap. And again, he was a decidedly un-jolly old elf. The good news is, we didn't bother to pay for any pictures! But you can enjoy our free ones below!

And now for the moment of truth!

The thing is, Santa, up close I really don't like you all that much.

Well, I guess if you're giving me a book I might like you a little bit!

Grammy's Glasses

Recently I discovered a pair of Grammy Katie's reading glasses hiding under the bed in our guest room/office/guitar center. Grammy is famous for having LOTS of pairs of reading glasses and still having a hard time finding a pair when she needs them (even sometimes when they are sitting on her head!). Well of course I decided to try the glasses on. Take a look!

Clearly I had to close my eyes because it is impossible to see through these crazy glasses!

Don't worry, Grammy Katie - your glasses are in the mail, along with a special holiday surprise! Merry Christmas ~ we love you!