Monday, August 4, 2008

A Surprise Visit from Grandpa Ron

Yesterday afternoon Grandpa Ron surprised us with a visit! He was on his way back home to West Virginia after spending a few days in Central New York. Here are a few photos and a video clip!

Telling Grandpa a story

Showing Grandpa how I (almost) jump


Making music on my piano

Peekaboo Grandpa!

Here's a fun game Grandpa and I invented with my Little Tikes slide!


katigram said...

Oh, the next best thing to being there is getting to see how much fun you had with Grandpa! The sound of your laughter is enough to keep me in a happy humor for days! I do love your festival dress--it's great for dancing and jumping,not to mention playing 'cookie-up-and-down-the-slide with Grandpa!

Marie said...

Did Grandpa make you laugh? Your giggle tickled me so. What a nice surprise, Annabelle. Love you lots - GramMarie

Jerri said...

oh my gosh! that is the cutest laugh ever!!!!!!!!
love you!