Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jammin' with Uncle Ross

Mommy is so far behind on blogging! She has been busy setting up her new classroom and getting ready for her first year teaching first grade. But in the meantime I have been doing lots of exciting things and she hasn't even finished blogging about our trip to West Virginia! Here is some more from the trip, a bit out of order but we'll try to go back and catch up the rest of the trip later.

This is right before we left to drive home, when Uncle Ross and I had a jam session!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Totally FUN Park - Part Two

Part Two - The Spray Pool

Fun with Baby William!

Just playing with my towel.

I went down the waterslide!

I did NOT love it, though!

Totally FUN Park - Part One

Part One: The Playground

Right near Grammy and Grandpa's house there is a REALLY FUN PARK with a playground, pool, water slides, miniature golf, frisbee golf, a duck pond, and more! It is so much fun and I hope I get to play there every time we go to West Virginia for a visit!

Here are some photos from our fun afternoon at Veteran's Park.

Baby William and Melissa - Melissa used to work at NASA IV&V with Grammy Katie. Now she gets to stay home with William and she is a big fan of my blog! She and Mommy are gmail buddies.

I LOVED the slides!

Check out my hair! STATIC ELECTRICITY!

Me and my new friend William

Hanging out under the slide - yes, I did bonk my head but I didn't mind at all

Vroom, vroom!

I can do this just like the big kids!

My first rock wall climb

Baby William likes mulch, just like me!

Playing with Grammy Katie is so much fun!

Here I am WAY UP HIGH with Grammy - Mommy and Daddy were a little nervous but I just thought it was so much fun!

Reading with Grammy

Here I am enjoying some good books with Grammy during our visit!

Kissy Sounds

We interrupt the multitude of West Virginia trip posts to share some fun news...

I now make KISSY SOUNDS when I give kisses!

I have been giving lots of kisses to Angus and Joe-Joe, and Mommy and Daddy too. And now I finally know how to make a little kissy sound with my tongue when I give kisses!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Grammy and Birdie Band!

Check out our crazy rock band!

Getting Silly with Grammy Katie

Here I am getting so silly with Grammy Katie. She loves to give me bouncy rides on her big tall bed. It's so much fun!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk at Grammy's - Part 2

On my second day at Grammy's house, right after breakfast I went back outside for more sidewalk chalk fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mountain Bubble Bath

On my first night at Grammy's house I took my first real "bubble bath" with her fun-smelling baby soap. Grammy also has some really neat tub toys!

Sidewalk Chalk at Grammy's - Part 1

On our first night at Grammy's, right after we ate some yummy pizza for supper, we went outside to play. Check out our beautiful sidewalk chalk art - my first time playing with sidewalk chalk. Grammy and Uncle Ross and I had so much fun, and didn't we make pretty pictures?!